Welcome To Caitie's Classroom Camp!
Welcome To Caitie’s Classroom Camp!

Caitie’s Classroom Camp is an eight-week program you can do at home or in the classroom with little ones! Each week is themed and includes an activity or craft idea for each day of the week, Monday to Friday. Start by watching the suggested Caitie’s Classroom episode, and then enjoy playing, learning, and exploring throughout... Read more »

When I Grow Up
When I Grow Up

What do you want to be when you grow up? Maybe a firefighter? Or an astronaut? Or maybe a dancer? Practice talking about jobs and careers with this super simple and super fun song, “When I Grow Up”.

When I Grow Up - Draw & Write
When I Grow Up – Draw & Write

When you grow up, what do you want to be? Listen to the song When I Grow Up, then share what you want to be when you grow up with this worksheet.

Sing Row Row Row Your Boat
Sing Row Row Row Your Boat

Milo and Tobee are singing one of their favorite nursery rhymes, “Row Row Row Your Boat”! Join them and sing along!

Popsicle Stick Pirates
Popsicle Stick Pirates!

Ahoy there mateys! Let’s sail the high seas on a pirate ship with popsicle stick pirates! These pirates can go this way, that way, up and down, all over the deep blue sea. Once your pirates are ready to set sail, follow along with the Super Simple Song, Over The Deep Blue Sea, for a... Read more »